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Join Us for the Gulf Coast SHowcase, Thanksgiving Weekend

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We are looking forward to having the Scarlet Knights’ Women’s Basketball team in our Gulf Coast Showcase this November. Our tournament headquarters is beautiful Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa! A breathtaking 26-acre resort in Bonita Springs, Florida. Guests can spend the day collecting shells on the beach. Tee it up at Raptor Bay Golf Course. Rejuvenate at Stillwater Spa, ride the gentle currents of our Lazy River or thrill to high-speed action on the waterslides. Surrounding the resort, the beauty and culture of Southwest Florida await, from art galleries to museums to distinctive shopping. Charter a fishing boat on the Gulf of Mexico, or explore the wilds of the Everglades.

Tickets are now on-sale and we have special fan rates at Hyatt Regency Coconut Point with links for both on the tournament website at

Cagers Huddles and News Update

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Our next Huddle is Saturday, 12/17/16 @ noon, prior to RU vs. Temple game at 2 PM. The cost is $10 for members, $15 for non-members. There will be sign-up sheet at the Cagers Club table Monday 12/5/16.

The Cagers Club is back in the business of selling 50/50s at all RUWBB home games but we are now selling at all MBB home games as well. A percentage of the proceeds form the sale of the 50/50s will be shared with the Cagers Club to use as part of our donation to the B1G Build Fund. Bob Manfre will be sending an email today requesting volunteers to sell at MBB games. Rutgers has supplied us with game day ticket and green lot parking passes for our volunteers. We all know that nobody sell better than we do! This dgea win/win for Rutgers and the Cagers Club. The more tickets that we sell, the bigger the pots & the more $$ that we earn towards our B1G Build Fund pledge.

Bus trips on the Rolling RAC - our next trip is this Wednesday, 12/7/16 for RU vs St. John's. The bus leaves the RAC Scarlet lot at 4 PM. Our other bus trip in Sunday, 1/22/17 for RU vs Maryland.

Premium Members - winners for the 2 courtside seats are as follows:

Rachel Bogan - Seton Hall 12/13/16

Marc Morales - Temple 12/17/16

Gloria Resnick - Penn State 12/31/16 (pick up tix at Cagers Club table)

Neil Resnick - Wisconsin 1/04/17

Jeff Wilson - Michigan State 1/14/17 (pick up tix at Cagers Club table)

Mimi Perfetti - Iowa 1/17/17

Debbie Tarby - Northwestern 1/29/17

Larry Perfetti - Indiana 2/08/17

Joe Young - Purdue 2/15/17

Marilyn Watkins - Ohio State 2/26/17 (pick up tix at Cagers Club table)

SAVE THE DATE - Huddles, Road Trips Scheduled

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Cagers Club – Important Dates to Remember

Saturday, October 22, 10 -12 pm – WBB Open practice for Cagers Club & RFUND

Cagers Club Huddles – (Guest speakers to be announced at a later date)

• Welcome Back Huddle – Thursday, 12/01/16 5:00 pm (game vs Duke @ 7 pm) - Honoring Cappie Pondexter as her jersey is retired at half-time of the Duke game

• Holiday Huddle – Saturday, 12/17/16 @ 12 pm noon (game vs Temple @ 2 pm)

• New Year Huddle – Saturday, 1/14/17 @ 10 am (game vs Michigan State @ noon)

• Valentine’s Huddle – Wednesday, 2/15/17 @ 5:15 pm (game vs Purdue @ 7 pm)

• End of Season Huddle (Senior Day) – Sunday, 2/26/17 @ 1 pm (game vs Ohio State @ 3 pm)

Home Games

Paid Premium Member raffle for courtside seats for these 4 home games will be drawn on Sunday, 11/6

• Friday, 11/11/16 @ 2 pm vs Chattanooga 

• Sunday. 11/27/16 @ 2 pm vs Bryant 

• Thursday, 12/01/16 @ 7 pm vs Duke 

• Saturday, 12/03/16 @ 2 pm vs Bucknell


Paid Premium Member raffle for courtside seats for these 4 home games will be drawn on Thursday, 12/1

• Mon, 12/05/16 @ 7 pm vs James Madison Paid Premium Member raffle for courtside

• Tuesday, 12/13/16 @ 7 pm vs Seton Hall seats for these 7 games will be drawn at the

• Saturday, 12/17/16 @ 2 pm vs Temple Huddle on Thursday 12/01/16

• Saturday, 12/31/16 @ noon vs Penn State

• Wednesday, 1/04/17 @ 7 pm vs Wisconsin

• Sat, 1/14/17 @ noon vs Michigan State

• Tuesday, 1/17/17 @ 7 pm vs Iowa


Paid Premium Member raffle for courtside seats for these 4 home games will be drawn on Saturday, 1/14/17

• Sunday, 1/29/17 @ 2 pm vs Northwestern Paid Premium Member raffle for courtside

• Wednesday, 2/08/17 @ 7 pm vs Indiana seats for these 4 games will be drawn at

• Wednesday, 2/15/17 @ 7 pm vs Purdue – Huddle on Saturday, 1/14/17

• Sunday, 2/26/17 @ 3 pm vs Ohio State – Senior Day

Bus Trips

• Sunday, 11/20/16 - RU @ Virginia – Game time TBD – approx. cost $85

• Wednesday, 12/7/16 – RU vs St. Johns – Game time 7 pm, approx. cost $40

• Sunday, 1/22/17 – RU vs Maryland – Game time 3 pm, approx. cost $70

Premium Member - Pre-Game Dinner & game seating with Sarah Baumgartner – date TBD


Exclusive Offer for R B1G 10 Build Fund Donors

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Our Cagers Club President, Kathy Duff, a Captain in the Rutgers' B1G 10 Build fundraising effort, is hosting an exclusive event for donors on November 2.  Please see her letter below:

Many of you are aware of the R B1G Build Fund Campaign and that Rutgers RFUND has selected me to be one of the Team Captains for this campaign. I received some exciting news several weeks ago. Team Kathy Duff - Cagers Club, is in 4th place out of 29 teams! Thank you to all of you who have made the pledge to donate & join our team! Wouldn't be awesome if we could get more members to join our team and move us from 4th place to 1st, 2nd or 3rd place? Wouldn't it be great to show the Rutgers community what the Cagers Club can accomplish when we all bond together to support RUWBB and other RU teams?


As Team Captain, I am hosting an Exclusive Event for Cagers Club Members who join the team and pledge to donate $10 or more/month for 5 years, donating today thru Friday 10/28/16 (this includes members who have already donated). This exclusive event is a Wine & Cheese Meet and Greet, featuring Coach C. Vivian Stringer, Deputy Director of Athletics Sarah Baumgartner, members of the WBB coaching staff and the RFUND team. There may even be some of the team players in attendance! You will be able to interact with these honored guests, one-on-one, for 2 hours. The date for the event is Wednesday, 11/2/16, 5 - 7 pm, location to be announced shortly.


$10/month x 5 years is $600. This is a significant amount of money to donate at one time. But is quite doable if you do it $10 at a time. Please consider the following:

If you give up 2 or 3 Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks cups of coffee, you can save $10/month

Perhaps you can order one less pizza/month, saving $10/month

Perhaps you can bring your breakfast or lunch to work several times/month; that, too, would save at least $10/month

Perhaps you can go to one less movie/month

If you would like to make a smaller, one time donation, Rutgers would be thrilled with your donation too!


Donating to the R B1G Build Fund is a wonderful opportunity to show your support for Coach Stringer and RUWBB. It is an opportunity to help grow our team and program, attracting outstanding student athletes to Rutgers. Just imagine the talent that Rutgers would attract when they see the new state-of-the-art training facilities! You would be helping Coach Stringer's dream come true! You would be doing your part to bring back RUWBB to the glory of years past! We could help Pack the RAC once again.


I could go on and on...I am just excited for the opportunity to do my small part to support Rutgers Athletics! Please join me!


It's easy to donate. You can do so online, having your donation automatically added to you credit card on a monthly basis. If you would like to donate using a pledge card, I can send one to you. Please let me know how I can help you.


When you make your pledge, it is imperative that you contact me via email or phone call, to let me know that you donated. As Team Captain, I need to account for all of our team donations; I don't want to miss any of your pledges. Don't me at [email protected] or 908-337-6791.


I would love to see you at the Wine & Cheese Meet and Greet! Please review my attached letter.


Kathy Duff

Team Captain - Cagers Club


RU Cagers Club

P.O. Box 1017

Piscataway, NJ 08854

email: [email protected]

Cagers President Kathy Duff Named Fundraising Captain

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Our Cagers Club President, Kathy Duff, has been appointed a Captain in the Rutgers' B1G 10 Build fundraising effort. She is encouraging the Cagers and all fans of RUWBB to join her in this effort to build new facilities for RU Athletic teams and make RU the top choice for student-athletes. Please read her letter and see how YOU can help.

Hello Cagers,


Many of you may have already heard about the R B1G Build Fund Campaign. Rutgers is committed to building championship contenders in the Big Ten. This commitment means the university must build premier training facilities for our student-athletes in order to provide them with the resources they need to compete at the championship level.


To fulfill this objective, Rutgers Athletics is embarking on R Big Ten Build, a comprehensive campaign to raise $100 million for new or upgraded athletic facilities. Phase I of Rutgers Big Ten Build, created in collaboration with the University Physical Master Plan, includes three projects: a Multisport Training Complex adjacent to the Rutgers Athletic Center (RAC), a Lacrosse, Soccer and Tennis Training Complex, and an enhanced Football Training Complex at the Hale Center. These pivotal projects will result in additional square feet of critical training space and will have a dramatic and wide-ranging impact on all 24 Rutgers athletic programs and on the 600 student-athletes who represent Rutgers on a national stage.

Rutgers has selected me to be a Captain for this fundraising effort and I am hopeful that I can get you, one of the many Cagers Club faithful, to join me in helping with this effort to make our facilities and our athletic teams B1G worthy. When I first started following Rutgers WBB, eventually becoming a season ticket holder, the RAC was filled to the rafters. I want that again for our beloved WBB team. I want the B1G talent pool to be attracted to Rutgers, not just for a great education and a HOF coach. I want them to be attracted to the RAC and our facilities, to a state of the art Multisport Training Complex.

As a Captain for this fundraising effort, I am asking you to please consider making the commitment to donate to the R Big Build Fund Campaign. Show your love for RU WBB by making a monthly commitment for the next 5 years. Your pledge can be as small as $10/month x 12 months x 5 years = $600. Of course, if you can do more, it is always welcome and appreciated. Every penny counts towards the goal of $100M. $10/month is just one less DD or Starbucks each week. Or perhaps you can pledge $20/month; that’s one less movie a month. Instead of going to see a star, you can be “The Star” by donating to such a worthy cause!

What better way is there to show your support and loyalty to R program? The Cagers Club has 175 loyal members. Can you imagine if we all gave $600 towards this effort? That would be $105,000! WOW!! As President of the Cagers Club, I would be THRILLED and so very PROUD to say “look what the Cagers Club did!” Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could be the top organization in regards to giving? I have already donated to the R B1G Build Fund Campaign, but I am going to make another donation so that I can be a part of the Cagers Club effort. Please join me!


Your gift will count towards your priority points. Some corporations have programs that match gifts made to Rutgers Athletics. You can receive credit for your employer’s contribution if you agree to a multi-year pledge.



Visit R B1G Build Website

The main hub for our campaign, the B1G Build official website has all your information to answer questions or see the vision for each of the three facilities. You can also click on the “Donate Now” button in the top right corner to make your five year pledge. Feel free to visit the website at


How to make a pledge:

The Rutgers Foundation has many options when accepting payment for a multi-year pledge. They accept cash, credit cards, stock transfers, matching gifts and bequests. If you choose to make your pledge on-line using your credit card, the monthly contribution will then happen automatically, making it seamless for you. For more information on the different types of payment options and their processes, feel free to visit the website at


Once you have made your donation, you MUST contact me to let me know that you donated. As your Captain, I need to report bi-weekly status updates. I do not want to leave any of you out of this fabulous effort. You can send me an email or call me regarding your donation. I will guard your donation information with the utmost discretion and confidence.


Use the above link to make your donation. Step by step instructions can be found at the end of this document.


Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Please contact me if you have any questions, and remember to contact me once you have made your pledge.


Kathy Duff

Captain - R B1G Build Fund Campaign

President – Cagers Club


[email protected]


Setting up your 5 Year Pledge to the Big Ten Build Fund, billed monthly.


Step 1

Enter your total desired gift amount in the “Gift/Pledge Amount” field. (You do not have to select a monthly gift amount to the Big Ten Build Fund in the space above this field.) 


Step 2

How do you want to make your gift? Select:

-in one payment

-in installments select this one

-on a recurring basis 


Step 3

To have your pledge automatically charged on a monthly basis:

After selecting “In installments,” note that the first payment is on the date of making the pledge (today). Please select “59” for the remaining payments. (A 5-year pledge, paid monthly is 60 total payments). Frequency of payments: select 1st or 15th of the month, monthly.


To have your pledge automatically charged on a yearly basis:

After selecting “In installments,” note that the first payment is on the date of making the pledge (today). Please select “4” for the remaining payments. (A 5-year pledge, paid annually, is 5 total payments). Frequency of payments: select 1st or 15th of this month, annually. 


Step 4

Continue to fill out your information and proceed to payment. 


Questions? Call Us

The Rutgers Athletic Development Office has a professional staff that is always welcoming and eager to answer any questions you may have regarding the R Big Ten Build Fund. To contact our office, please call 848-932-7629.


RU Announces Additions to the Team

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Rutgers Women's Basketball announcedon June 30 the addition of a number of new players set to join the Scarlet Knights this season.  Under transfer rules, several players will sit out the season but will be eligible in 2017-2018.  Others are true freshmen or transfers who can play immediately.  Please visit the Scarlet Knights website for the latest news on the signees.

Pondexter Named One of 20 Top WNBA Players

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RU stalwart Cappie Pondexter has been named one of the top 20 players in WNBA history as the league celebrates its 20th season.  Those of you who have followed Cappie since her arrival on the Banks know that she showed up with a small WNBA tattoo on her arm and a dream to play professionally in the United States, a dream that she has achieved with her 11-year career.  She is also a WNBA two-time champion, the MVP of the 2007 playoffs, a perennial All-Star and a member of the gold medal Olympic team.  For more on Cappie's great career in the WNBA, please visit the Scarlet Knights website at  Congrats, Cappie, on this remarkable honor.

Rutgers Reveals B1G 10 Opponents

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This season, Ohio State will make a return appearance at the RAC, facing off with RU on a date to be announced.  The Scaret Knights also will host Indiana, Michigan State, Penn State and Purdue.  The team will hit the road for games at Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota and Nebraska.  Finally, there will be home-and-away games versus Iowa, Northwestern and Wisconsin this season.  The out-of-conference schedule has not yet been announced.

Cagers Officers for 2016-2018 Elected

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The Cagers Club held its election meeting on Wednesday, June 1, 2016. Kathy Duff, Bob Manfre and Nancy Foulks were reelected to their offices as President, Vice President and Corresponding Secretary, respectively. Janice Cancro was elected as Recording Secretary and Sharon Kosmo was voted in as Treasurer. Terms for officers run for two years, from July 1 to June 30. The Cagers thank Joe Griscti and Theresa Talian for their service as Treasurer and Recording Secretary, respectively.

Copper and Hollivay Selected #7 and # 13 in WNBA Draft

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Graduating seniors Kahleah Copper and Rachel Hollivay took a step toward launching their professional careers when they were selected in the first and second rounds, respectively, in the WNBA draft.  Copper was the #7 overall selection, tabbed by the Washington Mystics.  Hollivay lead off the second round with her #13 overall selection by the Atlanta Dream.  We will miss their play on the court at the RAC but look forward to seeing them come into town to take on the New York Liberty., with RU star Epiphanny Prince.  Copper will be playing alongside former RU great Kia Vaughn.  Great work and good luck!